Meals and Snacks

Meals and Snacks

The school provides simple snacks each day.  On occasion, children will help prepare special snacks.  Children who are at school full day are required to bring lunch in a labeled lunchbox.


Birthdays are exciting at Alpine Montessori.  A special snack such as cupcakes, juice, party napkins and cups may be brought to school on your child’s special day.  Please let us know in advance if you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday in class.

The Alpine Montessori preschool and kindergarten classroom is a child’s world adapted to the size, interests, and tempo of young children. We have designed our school for young boys and girls with comfort and safety in mind.

The setting is complete with eye-appealing and stimulating Montessori equipment. Each session is a bustle of movement, with children freely choosing their activities from child-size shelves within their reach.

Boys and girls may work alone, in small groups, at tables and chairs, or on floor mats. Youngsters work with their hands, eyes, and ears. At Alpine Montessori children learn by doing!

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