Early Learning through Preschool in Stockholm, NJ is the Most Beneficial Start for your Child’s Education

Giving your child the best chance for success in their life starts with pre-k. Through interactive learning in an engaging and fun environment, your child’s development can truly blossom. Encouragement and skills development in a nurturing environment is essential for providing the most appropriate ways to navigate through life at these early stages, and at Alpine Montessori, our staff is dedicated to delivering the most fruitful kindergarten program for complete preparation for later years. Our preschool is situated in Stockholm, NJ, and is staffed with a highly trained and experienced group of teachers who are committed to giving your child the attention they need to be successful in their later schooling.

The Montessori Method Focuses on Education through Self-Directed Activities

The Montessori Method is an alternative approach to early schooling, centered on the development of your child through individual self-directed activities. By focusing on what your child truly needs without making them conform to a rigid curriculum, your child can explore what matters to them the most, encouraging learning and growth in a fun and interesting way. With before and after school child care, these skills have the opportunity to be enacted in the most appropriate context, and through the nurturing environment of our center, your child will learn how to interact with their environment with confidence.

A Montessori School Provides a Solid Foundation

We highly value the unique abilities of each student, and for this reason, our ratio of students to staff is low. Through fun educational activities, your child will learn with interest in all aspects of life, developing strong social connections that allow for engagement in a conducive environment. With additional day care, your child is exposed to the nuances of life within many contexts. Our preschool in Stockholm, NJ is truly the ideal option for nurturing their skills for success.

Why Choose Alpine Montessori?

  • Strong academics delivered in a warm and nurturing environment
  • Focus on the critical social and emotional growth of each child
  • Tenured faculty with many teachers with us for 10+ years
  • Low student teacher ratios enhancing the development of each child
  • The program encourages children to learn/grow at their own pace
  • Long standing schools in each community (25+ years)
  • Before/after care available

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