At Alpine Montessori in Sparta and Oak Ridge, we use the Open Court phonics system along with the Montessori Method.  At Alpine Montessori, we use the Lippincott Shapebook and Letterbook series.  The reading skills that children acquire will make future days in school a rich, productive, and enjoyable experience.

To be able to write, a child must develop a two-fold skill.  He must commit to memory the shape of the letters and their corresponding sounds, and he must develop the muscular skill necessary for using the pencil with control.  In our classrooms, we also use sandpaper letters and a movable alphabet to assist in learning letters and their sounds.  Metal Insets are also used in the classroom to develop pencil control.  These two skills are combined together to aid in learning to write.

Word-building exercises are used; e.g., matching words and pictures.

As part of our daily program, we include activities that introduce students to several foreign languages, such as Spanish, Italian, Japanese and American Sign Language.

Oak Ridge: Spanish, Italian

Sparta: Spanish, Japanese, ASL

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