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Our Sparta school in Sussex County was originally established in 1992 and we moved into our current location in 1996.  The current location is licensed for 60 students aged 12 mos to 7 years old (with limited spots for 12 -30 month olds).

This school has three cozy multi-age classrooms and an outdoor playground and deck area in the rear thus allowing our teachers to stimulate both mind and body.  Before and after care is also available at our facility with busing from local schools for siblings.

The Sparta program is designed to educate children from 12mos to 7 years old. Montessori methods develop foundations for continued education in mathematics, language, and writing.

Preschool is the Nurturing Environment Your Child Needs

Quality pre-k and kindergarten during your child’s most formative years is important in giving them a solid foundation from which to grow. Focusing on delivering self-directed education that promotes growth and development in all aspects of life, including social and cognitive skills, Alpine Montessori provides the perfect start to your child’s learning. Our preschool in Sparta uses the Montessori Method that encourages your child to learn in the way that is most effective to their specific skillset, and when combined with our before and after school day care, your child will have the perfect opportunity to put their skills into practice.

A Montessori School Offers an Alternative, Evidence-Based Educational Framework

Rather than follow a rigid educational syllabus, the Montessori Method of learning is delivered through self-directed activities that promote the inquisitive nature of your child-delivering self-paced education that allows for the development of finely tuned social skills as well as the promotion of your child’s natural abilities with individualized attention from our teachers. The process is designed to build confidence and enhance your child’s ability to solve problems; skills which ensure that your child has the best footing to navigate the world around them.

Enhance Your Child’s Ability to Succeed

The Alpine Montessori preschool in Sparta, New Jersey boasts a low ratio of students to teachers ensuring that your child receives the focused and committed attention they require to gain a full understanding of their role within their environment. Our staff is highly trained in the Montessori Method, providing a diverse, fun and interesting way for your child to learn. When combined with our child care services, your child can put their skills into practice, enhancing their social development in a nurturing and safe environment that is filled with everything they need to grow.

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