Testimonials – Sparta

Testimonials – Sparta

My daughters' experiences at Alpine Montessori over the past two years have been tremendous. In both social and academic standings, my children have grown exponentially. My eldest daughter is graduating this year with an incredible work ethic and foundational skills that exceed many of those in her age group. Additionally, she loves and respects her teachers to the point of wanting to emulate them ("I like that we grocery shop on Saturday; that's when Mrs. Wiegman does. I want to wear two bracelets because that's what Mrs. Mogavero does."). While on vacation, my daughter snuck away to make her teacher a card with her phone number so that they could keep in touch after she graduated.

Acknowledging that my younger daughter is an entirely different child and learner, the teachers have already discussed and implemented approaches to meet her individual needs, helping her thrive. She still has another two years at Alpine Montessori, and I am thrilled to watch her progress.

The love and encouragement Alpine Montessori pairs with their experience and expertise makes the school an invaluable asset to our children's educational careers.

- Jessica Galipeau

Thank you for the wonderful experience our children have had at Alpine Montessori the past 3 years. Right from the very beginning, this has been a positive experience for our family including an initial visit/orientation, Parent Teacher Conferences, Show and Tell, Spirit days, Trunk or Treat, Holiday Caroling, Field Day and the opportunity to be able to volunteer at the school on several occasions. Additionally, all of the staff have been amazing. In particular, I want to recognize Mrs. Wiegman, Mrs. Mogavero and Mrs. Gorman for the outstanding teachers they are. As parents, you always want the very best for your child, especially at such a formative and impressionable age. As an educator, education is highly valued in our household. All three women are patient, loving, friendly and kind. Our children were always excited to attend school, and came out with a smile at the end of each day. Montessori helped each child to excel individually while being able to experience the whole classroom environment. In addition to academics, Montessori has helped our children with Social Emotional Learning and Character Development. We could see the progression in positive listening skills and appropriate behavior weekly. While we appreciate and value Montessori Philosophy, it was the staff that kept us coming back. All of the wonderful teachers there are irreplaceable. I never had to worry for a minute how my children were doing during the day, or for their safety, and that feeling has no price tag. Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to become friends with these teachers. We have shared lots of early morning laughs, and a few tears. We appreciate all of the love they have shown our children, and couldn’t have been happier with our choice to send them to Alpine Montessori. A huge thank you again.

- Parent of 2 Children

I have to thank Alpine for not only taking such great care of all of my babies, but for giving them such an incredible education! My 5 year old has been coming home reciting facts that have been blowing our minds; things I learned as a 3rd grader! We are so incredibly appreciative to the entire Alpine staff.

- Caterina

Alpine was the best thing that could’ve happened to us at a very anxiety ridden point where we were confused about what was happening at our son’s old school and questioning where we were going wrong or how to help our baby when he was unhappy and struggling. Turns out all he needed was the right environment to be stimulated academically, structure, and most importantly loving and nurturing staff who understand a child’s developmental “normalities.” It makes us feel so much better knowing he has been happier and more confident/excited to learn at Alpine Montessori. Thanks again for being a listening ear and providing assurance throughout the months. I’m not sure we would be in the same place today had we not switched him. I only wish we made the decision sooner and look forward to sending our other children there as well. We are eternally grateful to you all there at Alpine Montessori.

- Jessica

My boys have been going to Alpine Montessori for over a year now. During these tough times, I think it’s important to recognize what an incredible job the school has done to keep my children safe and healthy. I have been overly impressed with Mrs. Gorman, Mrs. Murray, and Mrs. Finley (and Mrs. Patton before she went on maternity leave). The staff at Alpine Montessori is absolutely amazing. My sons adore their teachers. It is so rare in this day in age to find a staff that shows up every single day like that and does
not call out during these times. They are so reliable and truly, truly love working with children. I can’t express my gratitude for their hard work and perseverance through this entire pandemic. If it weren’t for them, my children would not have somewhere to go to learn and engage with other children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We absolutely love Mrs. Gorman, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Finley, and Mrs. Patton, as well as the
other new additions to the team.

- Jillian

We are so thankful for the amazing staff at Alpine Montessori! Despite a difficult year, they continued to provide a caring, engaging, educational environment for our children. The staff truly goes above and beyond and individualizes learning to meet the needs of your child. We cannot recommend Alpine Montessori enough!

- Kaitlyn Smith

Our daughter started at Alpine as an infant and now she will be graduating from the Kindergarten program! Alpine emphasizes holistic development of a child’s self-confidence, nurturing natural curiosity, as well as a passion for learning. Every teacher at Alpine holds the values that we seek in supporting our daughter academically and emotionally and with obvious love for all the children.

Selecting the right setting for the 2020 school year was a very important decision. I had all the confidence in Alpine that a safe and healthy environment would be provided to every teacher and child. Because Alpine values these standards, my daughter has attended class in person and full-time. She is meeting her academic level, reading, writing, and problem solving. Moreover, she is having fun with her class and has the opportunity to enjoy birthday and holiday celebrations just like before.

- Jen

Words cannot express the thanks that I have for each and every Alpine Montessori staff member that has been a part of my children’s lives for over 12 years now. As a working mother, I am grateful for the loving care, guidance and incredible education that Alpine Montessori provided for my children. The Teachers and Director view each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs to grow and be challenged in a positive manner each and everyday. Both of my children started their journey at Alpine Montessori at the age of 12 months and 12.5 months. They completed schooling through full day Kindergarten at Alpine Montessori and continued with before care and aftercare services for many years as they attended public elementary school during their elementary years. I truly believe my children are the well rounded individuals they are today because of the nurturing environment and education that was provided to them each and everyday at Alpine Montessori.

- Tricia W

Our children have had the best experience at Alpine Montessori School. Our son Nate graduated two years ago and our daughter Nora is currently enrolled. Alpine Montessori has been an extension of our home. The teachers have played an integral role in the development of our children and we could not have more gratitude towards the staff. I encourage anyone to send their children to Alpine Montessori. Thank you Alpine Montessori for all the wonderful memories.

- The Bowness Family

Your child’s first school is an important step so you obviously want to make the right choice from the start. Recalling the vetting process for the schools seems silly in retrospect because there was never really a choice; Montessori always stood out – and with good reason.

The teachers are personable, down-to-earth, attentive and just so good at their jobs. You really won’t believe what your child is capable of doing. And the results of your efforts and theirs will be obvious before the first year is over…to just about everyone.

We can’t sing enough praises for this institution; Mrs. Gorman, Mrs. Wiegman, Mrs. Swita and the rest are like family to us now. They have helped prepare our children for the world and in doing so have helped prepare us for the future. We have made memories with them that none of us, especially the children, will ever forget.

- Keri & Dino DiLauro

I just love Alpine Montessori. My daughter went there when she was 4 yrs old, they taught her to read. Mrs. Wigman worked very hard with Julia. One day Mrs. Wigman asked Julia what she wanted to do here at the school and Julia said ” I want to read”.  Julia learned to read!! She met many friends and the love from the teachers were wonderful. My daughter is going to be 12 years this September.

When I had my son in 2015 , I was able to stay home for the first year of his life. Because Julia went to Apline Montosorri, I knew I wanted Logan to go too. I called Mrs. Gorman and asked her if I could please slowly have Logan go 2 weeks for 1 hour day before I started work, so he would adjust better. She said,”absolutely.” So every day I attend with my son Logan everyday for 1 hour so he could transition comfortably. When he started he was 1 years old, now he is 14 months, he had made leaps and bounds. His primary teacher is Miss Murray,  I can not thank her enough for all the love and care she had given to Logan. In such a short time he has learned so much!!! When I drop him off and pick him up from school he is always happy and just loves Miss Murray!!! I see he is also starting bonds with other teachers as well. All the kids always say hi and bye to him. I am comfortable at work and not stressed because I know that he is getting the care that he needs and learning as well.

Thank u To Miss Murray , Mrs.Gorman , Mrs. Sweeta and all the other teachers who help teach and care for Logan!! I really appreciate all of you! I highly recommend Alpine Montessori!

- Catherine Volker

I’m a public school Superintendent and my wife is an award-winning public school teacher. Both of our boys attended Alpine Montessori for preschool and were well ahead of the pack entering kindergarten. The staff are incredibly dedicated, responsive and ambitious. Their differentiated, diverse and self- directed style of teaching is incredible to see in action – students truly own their learning. Student progress is constantly assessed and, at conferences, teachers walk parents through their child’s portfolio and assessment data and identify areas of strength and needed growth.

Most importantly, though, the staff members genuinely love the students and place their social and emotional needs first. These highly experienced teachers are among the best in their field.

If you can manage to get your kids into Alpine Montessori, it will be one of the greatest gifts you will give them.

- Mark Schwarz

I would highly recommend Alpine Montessori without hesitation. There are so many options locally that it can be overwhelming to choose. Alpine Montessori gave our children a stellar foundation plus a nurturing environment that made the school an extension of our family. To watch the excellent teachers at Alpine Montessori in action is truly a sight! When someone loves what they do it shows. As a result, the children love their teachers, love going to school, and love to learn. The seeds of becoming a lifelong learner are planted here. The owner Mrs. Madia is professional and caring, just like her staff. It was easily the best choice we could have made for our children.

- The Stoddard Family

When we enrolled our two children, Olivia and Lily, at Alpine Montessori in Sparta, we didn’t realize at the time that it was one of the best decisions we ever made to provide for a great future for our children. Both of our children started at Alpine Montessori when they were one year old and continued through Kindergarten. They both were given such a strong foundation for their futures, thanks to the Montessori teaching philosophy and the outstanding staff, who are truly a committed and dedicated group. Not only is the staff highly experienced and talented, they truly care about the children. We miss the warm and safe Montessori environment! We highly recommend Alpine Montessori in Sparta to any parent!

- The Schwartz Family

My son Kyle started at Alpine Montessori last year and this is his second year there. He previously went to a school that had an alternative teaching method but had to close. When I learned that Montessori schools have an alternative teaching method, I knew Alpine Montessori was the school for him (and us!). I love that his classroom is open for exploring and that he does a lot of hands on learning. I love the approaches taken to help my son learn.

I know this head start will more than prepare him for elementary school. Aside from the wonderful education my son is getting, every teacher and staff member has been available to speak with. Whether it was through a phone call or an email, I know I can reach out and have my questions answered. That is important to me as a parent when I need to get in touch with someone. Also important to me, as a working mom, I know I can count on Alpine Montessori to be there when I need them for my schedule. We have been very happy with this school and so has my son! The teachers and staff are wonderful.

- The Deppner Family

She is starting kindergarten this year, and it’s a huge step! I can’t think of a better environment, more caring teachers, and just an all around better school for her to begin her “formal” education. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time with Alpine – our daughter’s preschool years there were phenomenal. We are now looking forward to another great year. Great work and kudos to the entire staff at Alpine Montessori in Sparta – what an impressive, fabulous, motivated, kind, caring and smart group of teachers.

Thank you so very much – I could not be more pleased with our choice for kindergarten.

- Fernandez Family

We had our son Aroosh in another Montessori school and were impressed with the learning improvement. However, we had to change his school due to commute reasons and we are so glad we found Alpine Montessori. The school staff treats you like family and there has been a marked improvement in our son’s behavior, curiosity to ask more questions, art and science skills. In the first two weeks itself, he was memorizing letters, alphabets and doing that in Spanish and Japanese. Infact, he also started speaking alphabets in reverse order. We were so impressed by this that we put our daughter Kaeya at Alpine when she was 30 months old. Could not be surprised to see the same traits in her as well. Now both of them communicate and do educational activities together.

Alpine staff has certainly made commendable efforts to bring both of my kids interested in educational activities and sport. We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts for this and certainly spread the good word around.

Excellent school for anyone who is interested.

- Patel Family

I want to thank you for all that you have done this year in making changes to Alpine Montessori. Nehemiah and Victoria are my children. I will let you know that I wasn’t sure how things would change when we came to find out that the school was under new management. I didn’t think Alpine Montessori could get any better but you have done a wonderful job. So many new things have been offered like the music classes, the math book for next year. I made a decision about keeping Nehemiah at Montessori for kindergarten after talking with numerous parents at the school and at outside schools. My husband and I went to three open houses and two school visits. I never just assume my child will continue somewhere I do the research. Nothing compared to Montessori. I sing its praises to friends, neighbors and patients. People know that is a lot coming from me because I take nothing for granted. I take off work to participate at every party not only to share the time with my children but to also see how the school is operating. You have been not only so present in the school but also I appreciate how you keep the parents informed about events that occur when I am not there because it gives me so much more to talk about with my children regarding their day. This is a little note to you to say thank you for an EXCELLENT school year.

- Dr. Frieda Lewis

Just over 7 years ago, when my first born was not quite 3 years old, I started the heart wrenching search to find the “perfect” place for her early education and day care. The first few places I visited made me want to give up my career and stay home with my daughter. I felt defeated. During a tearful conversation with my mother, she remembered there being a Montessori school somewhere in Sparta and suggested I look into it. A teacher gave me a tour of the Alpine Montessori building and educated me on the Montessori way of learning. She was friendly, patient and radiated compassion for the children. I was relieved and enrolled my daughter with confidence!

That fall was very trying and I would have never made it through without the wonderful women of Alpine Montessori. My daughter was very shy and had been home with my mother until enrolling her into pre-school. I literally had to pry her out of the car and hand her off crying that first morning. I cried all the way to work wondering if I had made the right decision. When I reached my desk, there was a voice mail from my daughter’s teacher reassuring me that my daughter was fine and that she had calmed down. I can’t tell you how important that message was to me. The ‘morning drop off crying’ continued for a couple of months. However, the voice mails from the teacher didn’t stop and each week got better! Eventually, the crying became a show for mommy and as soon as the door closed behind me my daughter was off and playing.

My daughter attended Alpine Montessori through kindergarten. She graduated with a beautiful ceremony and more life skills than one can imagine. Now in public school, she has been in an advanced reading program for the past few years.

All of the above made it a “no brainer” when it came time to send my younger daughter to pre-school. She was put on a list while still in the womb. My little one started with the summer program around 15 months old to get her acclimated for fall. At 3 ½ years old, she continues to enjoy her days at Alpine Montessori with her friends while acquiring extraordinary life lessons.

Alpine Montessori and its outstanding women became part of our family many years ago. They have watched my girls grow and have had a huge impact on their lives. Personable, honest, caring and down to earth only scratch the surface when describing the staff of Alpine Montessori!

- The Post Family

Last December I took the plunge to enter my oldest son into Pre-School. As for many new parents, this can be the most difficult and exciting decision to make. I had looked into other schools in the area, but for one reason or another, the fit didn’t seem ‘just right’. My neighbor, who at one time was a first grade teacher at a neighboring public school, had stated that Alpine Montessori is a great school. She stated that she could take note to who came from Montessori; they were always her better readers, writers, “on top” on math and sciences and had an imagination that was limitless. After that, my decision was made up, my son was enrolled in to Montessori a week later. Everyday since , if not, every week I have my oldest tell me things that I couldn’t even begin to think that he would be able to understand. With in the first week of being at Montessori my son was counting to twenty in English along with counting up to ten in Japanese… all of this at the age of two and a half years. This September I enrolled my youngest, and my two boys are so happy to be at Alpine Montessori. The staff is wonderful, a true family atmosphere with a record of teaching at the Alpine schools for at least thirteen years and up to twenty! One usually doesn’t know when they make the right decision, but I am already seeing that Alpine Montessori was the right decision for my rapidly growing boys.

- The Huffman Family

My son has been at the Alpine Montessori school for the past two years – since he was one. The growth that I have seen in my son is more than I could have every anticipated. Not only is he developing a genuine love of learning, but the staff at Montessori are also focused on developing his character. The teachers have a vested interest in every child they teach, and take their responsibility as teachers very seriously. Their dedication is evident in everything they do for ALL the students. The structure of Montessori is unlike any other daycare, and that is why the students excel. Alpine Montessori is a SCHOOL, not a daycare. The students are not just “watched,” they are engaged in valuable learning experiences each day.

I enrolled my one-year-old in Montessori this September, and I am so excited that he is going to experience the same growth and exciting learning experiences that my oldest son has enjoyed for the past two years.

Leaving your children in someone else’s care can be a terrifying prospect, but I have no reservations or concerns when I drop my children off before work each morning. That peace of mind is priceless.

- Charlene Molnar

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