Mark Schwarz

I’m a public school Superintendent and my wife is an award-winning public school teacher. Both of our boys attended Alpine Montessori for preschool and were well ahead of the pack entering kindergarten. The staff are incredibly dedicated, responsive and ambitious. Their differentiated, diverse and self- directed style of teaching...

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The Stoddard Family

I would highly recommend Alpine Montessori without hesitation. There are so many options locally that it can be overwhelming to choose. Alpine Montessori gave our children a stellar foundation plus a nurturing environment that made the school an extension of our family. To watch the excellent teachers at Alpine...

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Fernandez Family

She is starting kindergarten this year, and it’s a huge step! I can’t think of a better environment, more caring teachers, and just an all around better school for her to begin her “formal” education. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time with Alpine – our daughter’s preschool years there were...

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M. Pedalino

Last year when I was considering Alpine for my daughter, a few parents were kind enough to share their own personal feedback and recommendations to put my mind at ease, so now I’m happy to pass on the well-deserved generous praise to other discerning parents who are considering this...

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Patel Family

We had our son Aroosh in another Montessori school and were impressed with the learning improvement. However, we had to change his school due to commute reasons and we are so glad we found Alpine Montessori. The school staff treats you like family and there has been a marked...

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