Practical Life

Unlike traditional classrooms, Practical Life Exercises are a crucial component to the Montessori environment. Not only do these activities promote concentration, but they enable children to develop a sense of self-confidence and independence, as well as a spirit of resourcefulness and camaraderie.

Life Exercises include many familiar objects – buttons, brushes, dishes, pitchers, water, and a variety of other objects that children recognize from their home environment. Although activities with these items may see simple, their mastery is in fact a critical part of early childhood development. In addition to normalizing young learners to cultural norms, Practical Life Exercises allow students to improve both coordination and critical thinking, ultimately preparing him for success both in school and throughout life.

At Alpine Montessori, our Practical Life Activities comprise:

Manipulative Skills: Pouring, Carrying, Sorting

Self-Development Skills: Social Graces, Courtesy, Personal Care

Caring for the Environment: Sweeping, Washing, Dusting, Polishing

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