Preschools in Lafayette, NJ Offer Nurturing Environments

Parents in Lafayette NJ who want the best for their children have a number of different options for preschool. Early childhood education promotes your child’s social and academic success, offering opportunities for early literacy development and the cultivation of strong interpersonal communications skills. The great thing about Montessori school is that it offers a nurturing environment for preschool and kindergarten students in Lafayette, NJ.

Montessori Method – Evidence-Based Educational Methodology

Montessori is a trusted and evidence-based educational methodology that relies on several core values and pedagogical tools. Students at Alpine Montessori learn at their own pace, supported not just by our staff but also by their peers. The nurturing educational environment at Montessori School depends on having qualified teachers specifically trained in Montessori methods for preschool and kindergarten aged students.

Nurturing & Collaborative Environment

Our Alpine Montessori School fosters the growth and development of each child. Children with learning disabilities and developmental disorders can also benefit from the nurturing environment at a Montessori School. Among the diverse options for preschool and kindergarten in Lafayette, NJ, Montessori School remains a perennial favorite due to the high caliber of teachers, the dedication of our staff, and especially the nurturing environment.

Not all preschools are created equal. Each preschool in Lafayette, NJ has its own approach to early childhood pedagogy and practice. Montessori school is unique because it is based fundamentally on the principle that children need to learn at their own pace in a collaborative and nurturing environment. Our staff at Alpine has the necessary background and training to provide kindergarten and preschool children with everything they need for optimal early childhood education.

Why Choose Alpine Montessori?

  • Strong academics delivered in a warm and nurturing environment
  • Focus on the critical social and emotional growth of each child
  • Tenured faculty with many teachers with us for 10+ years
  • Low student teacher ratios enhancing the development of each child
  • The program encourages children to learn/grow at their own pace
  • Long standing schools in each community (25+ years)
  • Before/after care available

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