As an educator, I searched for months looking for the right school for my son and daughter. I wanted a school that had a similar philosophy to the personal educational philosophy in our home, one that provided a loving and caring environment where children can grow at their own rate. I feel very fortunate to have discovered the Alpine Montessori School. We have been part of the Alpine Montessori family for the last three years. It has given my children all that I was hoping for and more. I cannot say enough about the dedication of the staff, the learning environment that is provided daily with structure and discovery, and the wonderful music program. My children have developed a love of learning that they will carry with them throughout their lives and a sense of respect for themselves and others. A special thank you to my children’s teachers for all their hard work and dedication. It is greatly appreciated.

As they say in the MasterCard commercials ….Priceless!!

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