The Molina Family

Transitioning your children from the unconditional tender love of your own hands to the hands of another is never an easy task. As an educator, I was very selective in choosing a facility to place my children in. I wanted more than just “glorified babysitting.”

It has been over 3 years now and we couldn’t be happier. My first son has just graduated from Alpine’s Pre-K program and although he will be entering Kindergarten with the Public School system, my second son who just turned 2 will happily continue on at Alpine.

The staff at Alpine has always made me feel very comfortable and confident each day as I dropped my children off. Although my children have one main teacher, everyone at Alpine who interacted with them always welcomed them with open arms and genuinely enjoyed them as individuals.

Whether it be learning how to take turns, share, and listen or colors, shapes, and numbers there is true learning going on at Alpine. My son has graduated the Pre-K program from Mrs. Davis’ class as an empathetic caring child who also knows how to read and write! I cannot say enough about the school and how satisfied I am with the staff and curriculum there.

If you are like me, no place will be “good enough” for your child. But sometimes, we have no choice but to make the best choice possible. I highly recommend Alpine Montessori. Call Mtrs. Dugan and schedule an appointment for a tour and see for yourself.

Best of luck!

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