School Policies

School Policies – Sparta School

Age Requirements: In our Sparta location, we accept children between one year and first grade, with limited openings for the children between 12-30 months.

Personal Articles: Please label all items your child brings into the school (especially hats, gloves and jackets). Each child must have a clothing bag. A labeled change of clothing should remain in school. Please see teacher for details.

Observations: Observations are strongly encouraged. Observations are held in the fall and spring. Parents may observe and share in their child’s progress.

Conferences: Conferences are scheduled twice a year. If, however, any questions or problems arise, please contact the school to discuss.

Arrival and Dismissal: For your child’s safety at our Oak Ridge and Sparta schools please walk your child to the classroom door. The teacher will greet your child before they enter the classroom. Children will only be released to parents/guardian unless written permission is given in advance. Some form of identification will also be required.

Inclement Weather: Alpine Montessori does not close for inclement weather unless a state of emergency has been declared. Please check the website on the morning in question to see if school has been closed.

Transportation from local schools: This service can be arranged through local public school for siblings for after care service for the Sparta and Oak Ridge locations.

Meals and Snacks: The school provides simple snacks each day. On occasion, children will help prepare special snacks. Children who are at school full day are required to bring lunch in a labeled lunchbox.

Birthdays: Birthdays are exciting at Alpine Montessori. A special snack such as cupcakes, juice, party napkins and cups may be brought to school on your child’s special day. Please let us know in advance if you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday in class.

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