Catherine Volker

I just love Alpine Montessori. My daughter went there when she was 4 yrs old, they taught her to read. Mrs. Wigman worked very hard with Julia. One day Mrs. Wigman asked Julia what she wanted to do here at the school and Julia said ” I want to read”. Julia learned to read!! She met many friends and the love from the teachers were wonderful. My daughter is going to be 12 years this September. When I had my son in 2015 , I was able to stay home for the first year of his life. Because Julia went to Apline Montosorri, I knew I wanted Logan to go too. I called Mrs. Gorman and asked her if I could please slowly have Logan go 2 weeks for 1 hour day before I started work, so he would adjust better. She said,”absolutely.” So every day I attend with my son Logan everyday for 1 hour so he could transition comfortably. When he started he was 1 years old, now he is 14 months, he had made leaps and bounds. His primary teacher is Miss Murray , I can not thank her enough for all the love and care she had given to Logan. In such a short time he has learned so much!!! When I drop him off and pick him up from school he is always happy and just loves Miss Murray!!! I see he is also starting bonds with other teachers as well. All the kids always say hi and bye to him . I am comfortable at work and not stressed because I know that he is getting the care that he needs and learning as well. Thank u To Miss Murray , Mrs.Gorman , Mrs. Sweeta and all the other teachers who help teach and care for Logan!! I really appreciate all of you!
I highly recommend Alpine Montessori!

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