Dr. Frieda Lewis

I want to thank you for all that you have done this year in making changes to Alpine Montessori. Nehemiah and Victoria are my children. I will let you know that I wasn’t sure how things would change when we came to find out that the school was under new management. I didn’t think Alpine Montessori could get any better but you have done a wonderful job. So many new things have been offered like the music classes, the math book for next year. I made a decision about keeping Nehemiah at Montessori for kindergarten after talking with numerous parents at the school and at outside schools. My husband and I went to three open houses and two school visits. I never just assume my child will continue somewhere I do the research. Nothing compared to Montessori. I sing its praises to friends, neighbors and patients. People know that is a lot coming from me because I take nothing for granted. I take off work to participate at every party not only to share the time with my children but to also see how the school is operating. You have been not only so present in the school but also I appreciate how you keep the parents informed about events that occur when I am not there because it gives me so much more to talk about with my children regarding their day. This is a little note to you to say thank you for an EXCELLENT school year.

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