Keri & Dino DiLauro

Your child’s first school is an important step so you obviously want to make the right choice from the start. Recalling the vetting process for the schools seems silly in retrospect because there was never really a choice; Montessori always stood out – and with good reason.

The teachers are personable, down-to-earth, attentive and just so good at their jobs. You really won’t believe what your child is capable of doing. And the results of your efforts and theirs will be obvious before the first year is over…to just about everyone.

We can’t sing enough praises for this institution; Mrs. Gorman, Mrs. Wiegman, Mrs. Swita and the rest are like family to us now. They have helped prepare our children for the world and in doing so have helped prepare us for the future. We have made memories with them that none of us, especially the children, will ever forget.

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