M. Pedalino

Last year when I was considering Alpine for my daughter, a few parents were kind enough to share their own personal feedback and recommendations to put my mind at ease, so now I’m happy to pass on the well-deserved generous praise to other discerning parents who are considering this exceptional school.

Even if the facility wasn’t impeccably maintained and all the weekly activities weren’t carefully and consistently planned out, the teachers like Mrs. Swita, Mrs. Gorman & Mrs. Murry and their enthusiastic team alone would be reason enough to refer Alpine without hesitation.

So the fact that the Owner/Head of School, Sue Madia, runs Alpine like a professional business AND runs the school like a good parent would take care of their own family, makes this Alpine reference very easy to write.

Whether it’s singing, learning new languages, geography, reading great stories, learning about manners or a special guest visit- there is always something new and exciting to talk about on the way home from school or to get excited about the night before.

A+ for Alpine.

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