Patel Family

We had our son Aroosh in another Montessori school and were impressed with the learning improvement. However, we had to change his school due to commute reasons and we are so glad we found Alpine Montessori. The school staff treats you like family and there has been a marked improvement in our son’s behavior, curiosity to ask more questions, art and science skills. In the first two weeks itself, he was memorizing letters, alphabets and doing that in Spanish and Japanese. Infact, he also started speaking alphabets in reverse order. We were so impressed by this that we put our daughter Kaeya at Alpine when she was 30 months old. Could not be surprised to see the same traits in her as well. Now both of them communicate and do educational activities together.

Alpine staff has certainly made commendable efforts to bring both of my kids interested in educational activities and sport. We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts for this and certainly spread the good word around.

Excellent school for anyone who is interested.

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