The Huffman Family

Last December I took the plunge to enter my oldest son into Pre-School. As for many new parents, this can be the most difficult and exciting decision to make. I had looked into other schools in the area, but for one reason or another, the fit didn’t seem ‘just right’. My neighbor, who at one time was a first grade teacher at a neighboring public school, had stated that Alpine Montessori is a great school. She stated that she could take note to who came from Montessori; they were always her better readers, writers, “on top” on math and sciences and had an imagination that was limitless. After that, my decision was made up, my son was enrolled in to Montessori a week later. Everyday since , if not, every week I have my oldest tell me things that I couldn’t even begin to think that he would be able to understand. With in the first week of being at Montessori my son was counting to twenty in English along with counting up to ten in Japanese… all of this at the age of two and a half years. This September I enrolled my youngest, and my two boys are so happy to be at Alpine Montessori. The staff is wonderful, a true family atmosphere with a record of teaching at the Alpine schools for at least thirteen years and up to twenty! One usually doesn’t know when they make the right decision, but I am already seeing that Alpine Montessori was the right decision for my rapidly growing boys.

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