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Just over 7 years ago, when my first born was not quite 3 years old, I started the heart wrenching search to find the “perfect” place for her early education and day care. The first few places I visited made me want to give up my career and stay home with my daughter. I felt defeated. During a tearful conversation with my mother, she remembered there being a Montessori school somewhere in Sparta and suggested I look into it. A teacher gave me a tour of the Alpine Montessori building and educated me on the Montessori way of learning. She was friendly, patient and radiated compassion for the children. I was relieved and enrolled my daughter with confidence!

That fall was very trying and I would have never made it through without the wonderful women of Alpine Montessori. My daughter was very shy and had been home with my mother until enrolling her into pre-school. I literally had to pry her out of the car and hand her off crying that first morning. I cried all the way to work wondering if I had made the right decision. When I reached my desk, there was a voice mail from my daughter’s teacher reassuring me that my daughter was fine and that she had calmed down. I can’t tell you how important that message was to me. The ‘morning drop off crying’ continued for a couple of months. However, the voice mails from the teacher didn’t stop and each week got better! Eventually, the crying became a show for mommy and as soon as the door closed behind me my daughter was off and playing.

My daughter attended Alpine Montessori through kindergarten. She graduated with a beautiful ceremony and more life skills than one can imagine. Now in public school, she has been in an advanced reading program for the past few years.

All of the above made it a “no brainer” when it came time to send my younger daughter to pre-school. She was put on a list while still in the womb. My little one started with the summer program around 15 months old to get her acclimated for fall. At 3 ½ years old, she continues to enjoy her days at Alpine Montessori with her friends while acquiring extraordinary life lessons.

Alpine Montessori and its outstanding women became part of our family many years ago. They have watched my girls grow and have had a huge impact on their lives. Personable, honest, caring and down to earth only scratch the surface when describing the staff of Alpine Montessori!

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