How do Children Benefit from Preschool?

Preschool and kindergarten provide children with the foundation they need for further cognitive and social development. Without preschool, children may lack the formal and informal educational experience they need to thrive later in life. A Montessori school is especially able to provide young children with the supportive and nurturing environment they need to reach their highest potential. Parents in Springfield, NJ with preschool- and/or kindergarten-aged children need to look no further than to Alpine Montessori to meet their needs.

The teachers at a Montessori school are dedicated to a unique system of learning that is rooted in over a century of evidence-based practice. Early childhood education is not just about offering children specific learning activities, but also about creating an age- and developmentally-appropriate environment. The educational space needs to be supportive and nurturing, conducive to social interactions and self-directed learning. Young children are naturally inquisitive, and the staff at Alpine is dedicated to paying attention to and honoring your child’s unique abilities, interests, and aptitudes.

Optimal Growth & Development For All Children

With a low ratio of teachers to students, each child receives individualized attention while remaining actively engaged in social learning activities. The activities at the preschool in Springfield, NJ should combine structured and non-structured play so that children are exposed to a range of approaches to acquiring and digesting knowledge about their environment. Alpine Montessori school promotes the optimal growth and development of all children, making it the best preschool option in Springfield, NJ.

Why Choose Alpine Montessori?

  • Strong academics delivered in a warm and nurturing environment
  • Focus on the critical social and emotional growth of each child
  • Tenured faculty with many teachers with us for 10+ years
  • Low student teacher ratios enhancing the development of each child
  • The program encourages children to learn/grow at their own pace
  • Long standing schools in each community (25+ years)
  • Before/after care available

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