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From Cradle to Classroom: Choosing the Right Infant Care in New Jersey

If you are searching for “Montessori infant care near me in and near Oak Ridge, NJ, “ one school to definitely look at is Alpine Montessori – an infant Montessori school that also services other areas of New Jersey. Choosing the best daycare for infants involves the consideration of several important factors to ensure your infant receives the best infant care, as well as the best preschool and kindergarten instruction in their later years. Learn what these factors are below.

Quality Reputation

Alpine Montessori has been providing quality Montessori infant care and instruction in and near Sparta, NJ for over 25 years to many generations of children. Our reputation for quality instruction and infant daycare near me has increased because of the word-of-mouth testimonials from both satisfied parents and respected area educators.

Love of Learning

We apply the Montessori method beginning with our infant care in Oak Ridge, Sparta, and other areas of New Jersey. We provide loving, caring environments for infants and children at preschool and kindergarten levels so that they can safely explore the world around them and learn by doing and trying new activities based on their displayed skill sets.

Children’s brains especially develop between their time of birth up to about 6 years of age; as a result, we emphasize growth in not only their educational skills, but also their skills in social activities and in emotional development as well.

Experienced Teachers and Proper Ratios

Our teachers are quite experienced in the Montessori method, many of which helping to develop children’s minds and hearts for over 10 years. We also carefully adjust the ratios of teacher to students to ensure the quality of Montessori infant care in and near Oak Ridge is at the highest level and that each infant gets much quality one-on-one instruction and attention.


1. What qualifications and training do infant care providers have?

Our lead teachers have degrees in Early Childhood Education, plus training in CPR and first aid to ensure all of the infants at our daycare center receive the best Montessori infant care and education, plus develop their curiosity and learning in a safe, protected environment, just as if they were in your own home.

2. What are the benefits of enrolling a child in infant care?

Enrolling your child in an infant Montessori school will encourage them to develop a natural love of learning and curiosity about the environment around them, leading them to develop natural skill sets and interests at an early age. Because of the brain’s early development growth between birth to the age of 6, developing such natural skill sets and interests at such an early age will serve them very well as they advance into preschool, kindergarten, and beyond.

3. What types of activities are typically included in an infant care program?

Practical life exercises are key to the Montessori environment and educational curriculum. Our infant care center focuses on doing activities that promote concentration and help infants and children gain confidence and independence, while also developing a desire to be friendly toward others and help each other. These include such activities as sorting containers and books, developing good social graces, and effective washing, dusting, sweeping, and polishing of the objects and surfaces around them.

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