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What are Kindergarten Methods of Teaching?

Kindergarten, which literally means a garden for children, comprises a range of early childhood educational practices. Different types of kindergarten, including those that use the Montessori method, exist in Lafayette, NJ. Kindergarten methods of teaching use different instructional designs to help children learn at their own pace while in a social and collaborative environment.

In kindergarten and other preschool models, young children are exposed to a range of activities that they may not have encountered before. For example, the teacher in a kindergarten may speak to the entire class at once while delivering a lesson on something like phonics to stimulate early literacy development or on numbers to encourage the development of mathematical skills.

Kindergarten Methods of Teaching: Group Learning

In addition to group learning, kindergarten methods of teaching can also include small group instruction in which children divide into groups of two or more to work together on a project. Small group learning is critical for promoting a child’s social skills. Likewise, when children work on projects with peers, they learn how to communicate one on one in ways that create harmonious social relationships.

Kindergarten programs like those at Alpine Montessori are also based on the principle of individualized learning. Children in a kindergarten using the Montessori method are encouraged to learn at their own pace. The kindergarten method of teaching is nurturing and supportive rather than competitive. Children learn through fun and engaging activities like art and music, transforming playtime into opportunities to instill important cognitive skills, motor skills, and social skills. A good kindergarten program combines a multitude of teaching methods and instructional designs.

Finally, the kindergarten method of teaching prepares children for the more formal learning that takes place in grade school. The Montessori method empowers children to ask questions and direct their own educational trajectory. It is important to choose a preschool or kindergarten in Lafayette, NJ that meets your child’s needs.