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What is unique about the Montessori Method?

Early childhood is a critical time for social, psychological, and physical development. Although there is no one perfect or correct method of early childhood learning, the Montessori Method does have advantages over other systems because of its inherent flexibility and philosophy. The emphasis in a Montessori school program in New Jersey will be on providing personalized, supportive instruction that brings out the best in each child.

Montessori Method Supports a Diverse Learning Environment

Parents are impressed with the way the Montessori Method supports a diverse learning environment. Instead of expecting all children to learn at the same pace and in the same way, as in some conventional public schools, Alpine Montessori teachers recognize that every child approaches learning differently. Some are more socially oriented, and can help shy or withdrawn peers to come out of their shells in a Montessori classroom environment. The Montessori classroom environment is nonjudgmental, and respectful of different learning styles.

Hands-on Learning

Some children prefer hands-on learning, which is also supported fully within the Montessori Method. The Montessori Method continues to recognize the emergence of early analytical reasoning, critical thinking, computational and literacy skills a child will develop. Rather than place pressure on young children to demonstrate mastery of tasks before they are ready, Montessori teachers support students toward reaching conclusions and acquiring knowledge on their own terms.

Maximize Innate Curiosity

As a parent, you may have noticed that children are naturally inquisitive and prone to asking questions. The Montessori system at Alpine is designed to maximize this innate curiosity. Rather than impose a rigid curriculum, this method creates an environment in which children can direct their own learning via their interests and aptitudes. When you are considering the best options for your child’s education in New Jersey, consider the multitude of proven benefits to the Montessori Method.